About Us

  • We are a complete janitorial service.
  • Our janitorial services are worked as a crew to assure you that your office and work places are cleaned to a high standard.
  • We will insure all duties are fulfilled on a daily or weekly basis according to your requirements.
  • We work very hard to implement satisfactory services for all our valued clients.
  • Fully insured and bonded, if you are looking for a reliable cleaning company please contact us today!
  • Sincerely,
  • Gregory Marks
  • Owner/Manager
  • summitcleaning@bellsouth.net

Our Guarantee

We Guarantee 100%

  • Your building(s) will be cleaned and maintained in the manner outlined in the terms of the agreement;
  • The personnel we assign to maintain your building(s) are trustworthy, reliable, trained, and qualified;
  • We will provide FREE of charge any additional clean-up necessary due to our oversight during that month;
  • We will do everything possible to perform the cleaning service in a reliable, conscientious, and satisfactory manner.